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Tampa 3D Ultrasounds & Tampa 4D Ultrasounds

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3617 Henderson Blvd in Tampa, Florida is an unassuming building which sits next door to a Karate dojo and opposite an antique shop.  It would be easy to pass it by, only glancing quickly at the ‘Ultrasound’ sign above the door. 
It is the home of Look Who’s Kickin’ Ultrasound, and the work that goes on inside changes lives.  Stepping inside you would be mistaken for thinking it was an art gallery rather than an ultrasound facility.  Some people call them ‘boutique ultrasounds’ or ‘designer ultrasounds’ and while this may be true, it is proving to be a valuable and unmissable part of pregnancy. 

These ultrasounds aren’t designed to replace the scans done by your physician, and won’t tell you anything the physician cannot.  They are designed specifically for the expectant mom who wants to explore the pregnancy experience to its fullest. 
There is no doubt that for a parent, seeing their unborn child still in the womb is an emotional experience.  The high quality 3D and 4D ultrasounds at Look Who’s Kickin’ take that a step further.  Not only will you be able to see you baby in glorious detail, but you will be able to take a picture or movie of the experience away with you.  All sessions are carried out by a fully qualified and certified Sonographer so you are completely safe in their hands.  They will work hard to ensure your experience is as pleasurable and as meaningful as possible.

The 3D ultrasound will provide you with a detailed image of your unborn child as it grows inside.  You will be able to take away pictures of the event to keep forever.  With a 4D ultrasound you will see a real-time moving image of your child, which you can take with you on CD or DVD.  These images are incredibly detailed and will allow you to see all the visible features of your child before it’s even born.
It is now widely acknowledged that expectant parents and siblings react emotionally to images of the unborn.  The family bond with the baby is formed much earlier and is measurably stronger when you can see it moving around inside womb as with a 4D ultrasound.  Being able to see it again at home only helps the family bond together and prepare for the impending birth.

The ultrasound isn’t stressful at all, but the staff at Look Who’s Kickin’ understands that being pregnant can be.  This is why you will be offered a massage therapy session tailored especially for expectant mothers.  You can choose from various treatments from just your shoulders or legs to the all over ‘Mom-To-Be Therapeutic Massage’.  This will allow you to turn an emotional experience into a physical one as you are fully pampered after your scan.

As with the ultrasound, the practitioners are fully trained and the massage techniques used are perfectly safe for an expectant mother.  So you can lie back and relax while our staff takes care of you!

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